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Lone Worker Protection

Lone WorkerLone worker systems protect individuals from the threat of attack and offer assistance within the workplace if urgently needed. They work independently of any security system that you may have installed and therefore reduce the risk of false Police Call Outs, and helps keep your existing Security System integrity complete.

Lone Worker systems are usually found in environments where you find that staff may be alone such as a Doctor with a patient within an enclosed room.

The Lone Worker systems are quickly installed (usually 1-3 hours) and each room that requires cover will be equipped with a Radio transmission device that will be activated when an individual requires assistance.

This signal will then transmit back to the base station within the property which is usually sited within a constantly manned area and will audibly sound and display in English Text the room/persons name where assistance is required.

The system also has the ability to accept signals from personally worn devices which will display the wearers name when activated (these units have a Dual Push Function which eliminates false activity).


We offer numerous ways of triggering the system to suit your requirements so that others are not aware that you have summoned help, for instance, simply moving an object/ornament on your desk will request assistance.

Pressing of a fixed Dual Push Device beneath a desk

Pressing of a personally worn device

Foot plate compression

Pull Cord Trigger for Disabled Toilets

Activity Sensors

Vibration Sensors

Door Sensors


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