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Lead Theft

Stepway design, develop and install roof, perimeter and remote property protection security systems.

In response to the recent spate of metal theft from roofs and unmanned properties we have developed a specific product range that counteract these threats, the range comprises of fully fixed wired solutions to quick-fix long term radio applications ensuring speedy installation and quick deployment.

Our key criteria at Stepway is to provide excellent detection catchment with un-paralleled immunity from false alarms.

Stepway place the emphasis on detecting the criminal and thus preventing the crime, therefore prevention of damage and loss is minimised.

Many commercial and residential Properties now benefit from our RoofGard range of products all have seen a dramatic reduction in this kind of crime.

Our control equipment has been designed with flexibility in mind which will allow you to choose how and who the system contacts upon activation.

We utilise detectors that have the ability to be mounted externally and still provide excellent reliability from false alarms.

Animals and weather will not trigger these devices but they are deadly effective when intruders are present.

Below are some common examples of system alerts that are available, the below can be used individually or as a grouped solution.

Audible Alert

The system will trigger high powered external sounders upon detection of a person within the secured areas.

Keyholder Response

The system will contact a remote custodian via GSM/PSTN/GPRS/, using either a Text Message alert, voice Message or direct to an alarm monitoring station.

Voice Alert

The system utilises externally mounted speakers that emit a pre-recorded message directly towards the area of detection e.g.: "You are within a protected area and are being recorded by CCTV".

Neighbour Warning

The system can be engineered to contact local individuals that have a personal connection with the property and live within close proximity. When an Intruder triggers the system it automatically sends a signal to the localised properties (300 Meter proximity) which will audibly warn that the remote security system has been triggered and that attention is urgently required. When upon visiting the property they find that a crime is in progress they can call Police directly for assistance. This method is very effective as Police now need visual verification to attend certain types of crime and Burglaries.

Control Equipment

The Standard Control Equipment also has the additional functionality of Lone Worker Protection; this affords various members of staff/public that are connected to the secured property the ability to remotely call for assistance via small portable Radio Transmitters. These are invaluable if you have people who may be working within the premises alone. These transmitters have been designed so that false calls are eradicated due to the nature of their design and are typically used during threat, illness, or collapse. This system is invaluable when tied in with Neighbour Alert.

Detection Equipment

External presence detectors

Tamper/ item removal devices

Portable assistance buttons

Fixed assistance buttons

Door opening sensors

Point to Point beam detectors

External pressure mat sensors (will ignore weight below 60lbs)

Vehicle detection devices, pressure and magnetic

Vibration detectors

Physical Protection

We also offer a simple yet ingenious way to prevent the theft of lead (Pb) from vulnerable properties; this system works well with the Electronic Security offerings or is equally effective as a standalone deterrent.

A Unique Reference Number can be embossed/branded/incorporated across the metals (lead Pb) entire length or surface area, this deters theft, stops unscrupulous scrap dealers from purchasing the lead and aids Police in the verification of the metals source, therefore assisting prosecution. We also sign the site with placards which visually alert that the property is being protected against theft.

Each site has its own unique reference number that aids in the verification of theft.

Please Contact Us if further explanations would be helpful!

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