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Rural Protection

Rural Alert is a warning system that uses a combination of wireless transmitters and receivers that warns of theft, damage, illegal entry or vandalism.

Stepway have developed Wireless transmitters and receivers that offer installation flexibility which remove the necessity for expensive cabling.

A solution can always be engineered for the majority of applications, just Contact Us for a tailor made solution.

Wireless Equipment Benefits

Rural Alert offers a wireless solution to the monitoring of remote/sensitive areas that are open to crime/vandalism and are difficult to access with a cable.

Remove the need for trenching cable, quick installation.

Devices can be quickly deployed.

Equipment can you used across a multitude of sites

Equipment can be relocated quickly to aid trap detection

Exceptional battery life and low battery warning per detection device

Wide range of transmitters/detectors available

Increased transmission distances of up to 1km and over when using relay stations


Protect against game theft with quickly deployable external sensors.

Remote outbuildings can now be securely monitored against theft, fire or vandalism.

Static Fuel Containers can be remotely monitored to offer 24 hour protection against fuel theft.

Heavy plant/machinery can now be protected where it stands.

Remote enclosures/fences/gates can now be protected and will alert you to their opening.

Perimeter protection devices warn of threat before the threat arrives.

Voice operated warning devices to activate as a public protection/deterrent, e.g.: " Beware chemical storage area, dangerous animals, deep water etc".

Liquid level and flood monitoring devices ensure that you are warned of any possible threats to your remote properties.

Rural ProtectionDetection Devices

Dual-Beam sensor external 12m detector designed to detect human presence and not livestock

Contact transmitters for use with gate openings

Portable panic buttons will alert that assistance is urgently needed (lanyard or Belt Clip).

Flood sensors

Point to Point beams detect vehicles/people/Livestock crossing

Temperature sensors

Liquid level monitors

Vibration sensors

Fuel theft sensors

Smoke and CO2 sensors

Power failure sensors


Please feel free to Contact Us with any enquiry that you may have.


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