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Building site protection

Site ProtectionStepway are specialists in the development of security solutions that are suited to the prevention of opportunist crime, vandalism and theft. Building site crime is an area that we frequently encounter and has subsequently led to the development of detection equipment that addresses these particular threats.

We offer quick deployment kits that use state of the art radio and battery powered technology. These systems offer quick installation and can be utilised within areas where you feel that detection is needed to maintain site security and protect against illegal entry, theft, damage and vandalism.

When detection occurs the systems transmit back to a base station which is statically positioned within the site (usually a manned cabin) and will alert the site guard to the exact location of the alarm condition, the base system can also be configured to call remote staff if additional security is needed via GSM/GPRS/Paging system or PSTN. The system will also contact remote custodians if the site is unmanned.


The following alarm notifications listed below can be used independently or in conjunction with each other:

External audible sounders (trigger times dependant on site conditions/neighborhood).

Silent alert transmits directly to the site guard and will alert to the locality of the threat

Phone Alert via GSM/GPRS Text/Voice/pager to a remote guard/response company

Direct connection to a monitoring station in conjunction with CCTV (visual verification). This allows for Police intervention.

*All of the above can be used in conjunction with each other to suit your sites requirements.

Detection equipment

External dual beam sensors that have been designed  to ignore pets or vermin

Scaffolding protection devices

Portable panic buttons for use by site operatives/guards

Point to point beams to cover areas that may be at risk from vehicle entry/plant removal.

Quick deployment mini systems to be used within finished properties to prevent theft of installed equipment such as combi boilers

Flood/temperature sensors

Heavy plant protection devices (prevents movement/removal of generators etc)

Heavy duty door contacts for physical connection to site storage units

Fire/smoke detectors

Vibration sensors

Mobile CCTV

Pressure trip sensors

Trip wire sensors

False Alarm Management

False alarms are minimised due to the nature of the detection devices that we use and therefore false alerts from animals, pets or vermin will pose no threat to the integrity of the system.

CCTV Protection

We also supply CCTV towers complete with IR lighting and detection devices that are completely battery powered and will transmit any activation directly to a remote central station for intruder verification. Please call for further information on product specifications.


If you feel that further information is required on any of the above then please feel free to Contact Us with your request.


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