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Void property protection

Void Property ProtectionStepway have developed a range of battery and solar powered security systems that will operate for prolonged periods without the need for mains power.

Stepway's security systems have been designed for the protection of void properties and will protect from theft, damage, vandalism, flood and fire.

Stepway's systems are quickly deployed and installation is usually complete within the hour. When a detection occurs the base station will remotely call a custodian with a message that attention is required at a specific property, these messages are sent using GSM/GPRS or conventional PSTN and can be configured to contact mobile phones, land lines, pagers or central station receiving software.

The detection devices offer battery life of up to 2 years during standard operation and the base unit will operate for extremely long periods due to the connection of mini solar/light accepting panels which keep the system constantly charged.

Benefits of Radio Transmission Equipment

Quick installation

Specialised installation skills are not necessary

Fast deployment site to site

Detection devices can be quickly deployed, no cabling needed

Equipment can be used on multiple sites for a multitude of tasks

Minimal installation time, thus reducing costs

The system can easily be expanded as required

Equipment can be stored until required

Detection Equipment

12m internal passive infra red detectors

12m external passive infra red detector

Mains fail detector

Door contacts to detect the opening of doors

Window contacts that detect forced entry of window openings

Tamper contacts that detect the removal of external grills, shutters or glass

Heavy duty contacts that detect the opening of heavy steel doors or protective barriers

Internal and external pressure mats that will not trigger under 60 lbs

Vibration sensors to detect forced entry

Flood, temperature, heat and smoke sensors


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