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Fish TheftStepway have developed a range of detection systems that are especially tailored for the prevention of Game/Livestock/Hobby Fish and Fuel Theft.

The ExGuard range utilise detectors that are primarily radio transmission based and Independently powered and can be quickly positioned anywhere that you feel a threat may occur, we also offer a complete range of fixed powered devices designed for long term static installations where mains power is available and hard wiring is possible.

The ExGuard system is used primarily in the protection of game, livestock, hobby fish and fuel holding areas and will alert you to the presence of any unauthorised activity or threat.

Each system will be designed to match your personal requirements.


Protection of remote livestock/game

Koi pond protection

Protection of water boundaries (Trout Farms/Stock Lakes)

Protection of open land boundaries

Golf course perimeter protection

Warning of illegal gate entry

Vehicle entry detection

Protection of remotely situated objects such as generators/plant

Poacher prevention

Public health and safety

Water level increase/decrease

Radio Solutions

ExGuard offers a wireless solution to the monitoring of remote/sensitive areas that are open to theft, damage or nuisance and may be difficult or time consuming to cable to.

Independently powered radio devices remove the need for trenching cable, therefore quick installation is ensured, the equipment can be circulated easily throughout the site and placed in trap situations when required on an hourly/daily basis.

Devices can be quickly deployed.

Equipment can be re-used on multiple sites for a multitude of tasks.

Minimal installation costs (site check, set-up, commission and handover).

1km transmission distances or greater when used in conjunction with signal repeaters (Line of Sight Rule applies and site radio test will be necessary on larger sites).

The system can easily be expanded when required and can be utilised by other divisions within your organisation.

All equipment used is EN regulated

False Alarm Prevention

The motion detectors that we use have two independent sensors inbuilt. They will not trigger an alarm condition unless both sensors are tripped together within a certain time and height frame. When correctly sited, these devices will not be activated by pets or vermin but will detect any unwelcome human intervention.

Signal Transmission

Each detection device transmits a secure signal (EN Compliant) via a coded radio transmission to a main receiving unit (up to 1Km in distance) which will alert you to the exact area of activation.

When the remote devices are triggered the control unit audibly sounds and displays the area of detection and can if required, contact you via GSM/GPRS as a text/voice message (many alert options are available to suit your requirements).

Detection Devices

Dual-Beam external detector designed to detect human presence and not pets or vermin.

Contact transmitters for use with gate/door openings.

Point to point beams detect vehicles/people/livestock movement.

Temperature sensors.

Liquid level monitors.

Vibration sensors.

Fuel theft sensors.

Smoke and CO2 sensors.

Flood sensors.

Pressure detection sensors, human and vehicle.

Portable panic buttons will alert that assistance is urgently needed (lanyard or Belt Clip).


Please CONTACT US with your requirements for a tailor made solution


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