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The PerimiGard system has been designed around the need to protect and secure low to medium risk environments within public viewing galleries, stately homes and museums.

The system is unobtrusive and allows members of the public to view any displays and will only alert if the perimeter has been breached or if an item has been removed or tampered with.

The PerimiGard range offers reliable security with minimal installation disruption, quick deployment and advanced signaling capabilities and has the flexibility to be moved between locations when site requirements change.


Stepway’s range of detection equipment utilise secure radio transmissions to alert of detector activation.

These transmission devices will detect entry, vibration, removal and tampering and when activated will signal back to a control unit which displays the area of threat and will alert guards via GPRS/GSM/Pager or standard PSTN (dependent on your requirements). This system works independently of any existing security systems that you may already have.

Lone worker protection comes as standard ensuring assistance is only a button push away; multiple panic buttons can be added onto the system as required. The panic buttons that we supply have a dual push operation which ensures false activations do not occur. The panic buttons can be worn, we also offer fixed products for static installation.

Detection Devices

Stepway offer a wide range of detection devices designed to protect against any threat that may occur, we can secure perimeter distances ranging from one to fifty meters with no overlap, this prevents false activation, protect display cases from opening/tampering, electronically secure paintings and artifacts and also protect staff from threat. We also design bespoke products tailored to suit your requirements.

  • Contact sensors
  • Cabinet sensors
  • Wall removal sensors
  • Pressure pads, internal and external
  • Smoke/ monoxide sensors
  • Heat sensors
  • Door opening contacts
  • Personally worn dual push panic buttons
  • Fixed dual push panic buttons
  • Ceiling mounted pull cords
  • Smoke detectors


The product range transmits a radio signal upon a secure network designed for the european security industry network, the transmissions are secured by over 16 million site combinations (codes) and transmit on the new European Security Frequencies. All radio equipment used by Stepway comply's with EN regs governing European security transmissions.

Next Step

A Stepway engineer will visit your site and conduct a series of radio transmission signal tests to ensure that the site is free from any unwanted interference, we will then design a system that suits your requirements. Installation and handover will then commence.


If you would like more in-depth information on any of the above then please Contact Us.


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